Duration/ Cost

10 min 150,-€

15 min 225,-€

20 min 300,-€

30 min 450,-€

Special Add-ons:

Anal with Toys 150,-€

Pee 150,-€

Nipple sucker/ Tit Suckers 50,-€

Pussy sucker 150,-€

Spanking from Daddy 150,-€

Bondage 100,-€


more Add-ons on request !

Examples of script texts: The street whore

Casey, dressed extremely nuttig, lounges in the industrial area rum. She goes there on the line.

A vehicle brakes and drives to the side. The disk goes down. Casey bends into the car.



K: Hi, sweetie. Who are you?

C .: I am the Casey. Hi!

K .: What are you doing here?

C .: You, I’m waiting for my boy friend.

K .: Okay. Say, you’re a really pretty. Have you ever worked as a model?

C .: Nope, really not yet. How so?

K .: I´m free in the moment and would like to shoot a video with you. What do you mean?

C .: Hmmm … what kind of video?

K .: Well maybe you make nen little strip for me and play a little around you.

C .: Well, hello! I have a boy friend!

K .: Yes, of course. I do not want to fuck you, but only film and photograph. As a jerk of material. Come on …

C .: Okay … for 200 euro you can film me.

K .: 200 euros? Boa … but you also make your legs wide open!

C .: Yes, of course!

K .: Say, are you shaved?

C .: Yes, I’m completly shaved!

K .: Show me your tits!

C .: You’re spinning! I can not get my tits here!

K .: Do you want the money or not?

Casey takes out the tits and shows them briefly.

K .: Okay, horny tits! Hop in! We’re going to see me.






Dauer/ Kosten

10 min 150,-€

15 min 225,-€

20 min 300,-€

30 min 450,-€


Spezielle Erweiterungen:

Anal mit Toys 150,-€

Pinkeln 150,-€

Nippelsauger/ Tittenlutscher 50,-€

Muschilutscher 150,-€

Versohlen von Daddy 150,-€

Fesselung 100,-€



 Weitere Wünsche auf Anfrage!


Beispiele für Drehbuchtexte: Die Straßenhure


Casey, extrem nuttig gekleidet, treibt sich im Industriegebiet rum. Sie geht dort an der Leine.

Ein Fahrzeug bremst und fährt zur Seite. Die Scheibe geht runter. Casey beugt sich in das Auto.