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Welcome to my shop page.

Here you can buy calendars, posters, autograph cards and mugs from me.



About me:

I was born on 05.December 1985 and come from Leipzig. I have completed a training as an optician and work as a hobby model for erotic photos and videos. I stand since 2012 regularly as a photo model in front of the camera....


Here you can see how I have developed over the years.


 I wish you a lot of fun!

Your Casey Deluxe 

Picture 1. 2012 chocolate eye ; Picture 2. 2013 Marcus desert field ; Picture 3. Picture 4. ; Picture 5. 2016-Fotos4Fans Photography ; Picture 6. ; Picture 7. 2018-Mathias Angelov (RIP); 2019-stereoeye-photography